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      Traditional flutes of today Beauty of wood


Here is the simplest case : Renaissance flute.

A great piece of wood is reduced to a small squared one, and then made round.    Sciage    Carrelet    Piece of wood made round

  The bar is pre-drilled with a small special drill, and drilled with a long ¾ drill. The shavings are blown away by a compressed air jet because they can move the tool, and cause random faults of precision and surface smoothness.

   a   Babillane drilling

The tube is then re-dimensioned, re-centred   .Babillane reusinage   Babillane reusinage  
Tenon and mortise for the flute in two pieces are machined with greatest care.           Babillane tenon  Babillane mortise


Holes are drilled, deburred, softened, with the same care in precision.         Babillane holes  Babillane holes finitions
External and internal roughness are subjects of great attention        Babillane sanding  Babillane swabbing


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13 December 2020