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          Beauty of wood

Manufacturing of flutes leads naturally to manufacture of any kind of wooden articles.

   Spray for perfume

Jewel or essential accessory in the hand bag...

Refillable with the small funnel included

Price 25

                                             Spray for perfume           



Do not lose north ! Choice is given : cord around neck or snap to hang it on belt.
Price 20

                                      Babillane Compass with cord  Babillane compass with hook

  Key ring

Another thing to no lose. And as it is very personal
why do not engrave it with your name ?

Price 5

                       Babillane Key ring


   Bird organs

A bird sings naturally but some ones wanted to learn some melodies to birds.

So bird organs are born, the simplest music box and also the most versatile.

Everybody can make his rhythm by his way of turning crank

Several melodies available: by the moonlight, etc.

Price 25

                                                     Bird organs



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14 December 2020